Estate CPA Accountant NJ

Estate Services for Attorneys

When it comes to estate planning support for attorneys, all CPA firms are not created equal. You can depend on the experience of Marjorie L. Rand, CPA, P.C. for estate and trust support,  estate tax planning, and fiduciary accounting services. With us in your corner, your clients will  take advantage of every avenue available to minimize inheritance and income taxes. We know every dollar counts so we provide a high level of service to protect your clients' wealth while staying in compliance with all current tax laws and regulations.

Call us at 732-805-1843 now to discuss how we can formulate a plan to support the fiduciary accounting and tax needs of your clients. You can also request a consultation online.

Estate and Trust Support for Attorneys

We'll work with you behind the scenes as a regular part of your estate and trust team or to assist you when you encounter a complex estate situation. Our tax expertise will become a valuable resource for your firm and your clients.

Inheritance Tax Returns for Attorneys

For decades, attorneys have relied on us to prepare the inheritance returns for their clients. We have the knowledge and experience to carefully prepare these returns. Attorneys know they can depend on us to pay attention to the details so they can focus on their clients.

Fiduciary Accounting for Attorneys

As a fiduciary accountant with years of experience in accounting for trusts, estates, and guardianships, we have the skills to stay on top of your fiduciary accounting requirements with the utmost attention to detail and accuracy.